Welcome to the education page of M.E.S.A. ‘s Gravesande. The main goal of our study association is to put the interests of our Mechanical Engineering VU/UT students first, in both educational and informal areas.

That is why we offer our members various services to make their life as a student easier and more enjoyable. Here is a few things we do to improve your life:

  • Books – At the start of each quarter you can purchase all your books with a discount via the Newton site.
  • Discord – At the beginning of each study year we make a special tailored Discord server for your year to talk to and share useful information.
  • Discord4All – There is also the main server where all the study years are hanging out.
  • ‘Getting started’ – We have a ‘getting-started’ list of useful things to have at the beginning of your year.
  • Exams – We have one place where you can find all the previous year exams per course.


Next to all these things we have one board member specifically assigned to improve the quality of your education, this is the Commissioner of Education Abas Adi. He is always open for questions, complaints or just a conversation.

You can find Abas in the board room or you can send an email to:


Abas Adi

Commissioner of Education